The agreement on cooperation with the Lviv Polytechnic

We are delighted to announce that The Polish Cluster for Internet of Things Research and Development (Polski Klaster Badań i Rozwoju Internetu Rzeczy) has made an agreement on cooperation with the Lviv Polytechnic. Regarding the location of the Cluster, it was natural for us to cooperate and transfer our good patterns to the Ukrainian market. We believe that together we will be able to animate the market of the Internet of Things even more, especially in case of the two key fields which are Smart City oraz Industry IoT (IioT).

We can notice a huge potential in the newly created Ukrainian economy and quickly developing cities. Thanks to cooperation with companies who belong to the Cluster, we are able to fulfill the market needs and, at the same time, establish a technological bridge – states Michał Pukacz, the coordinator of the Cluster.

Also, we are going to support the Lviv Polytechnic students’ activities by helping them to develop their ideas and technological startups. We want to facilitate them commercialization of a product and, at the same time, advice them in terms of projects.